Sometimes you can find yourself looking for more than just a Dallas exotic car rental. If your particular needs also revolve around having a professional chauffeur on hand, you can count on Exotic Car Rental Dallas to bring you the full service you’re looking for. We have long been the number one choice for exotic car rental in Dallas and have expanded our capabilities in order to bring a fully catered service that allows you to enjoy the experience of a Chauffeur Transport.

The Supercar Experience
Whether you’re looking to treat a family member or loved one, if you always dreamt of being within the supercar such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini yet aren’t confident enough in your driving skills in order to handle the vehicle on your own, you can turn to our chauffeur transport service to deliver you the experience of cruising Dallas in the car of your dreams while removing some of the stress that comes with being behind the wheel. We are dedicated to bringing our clients across the city the means in which to fulfill their transportation dreams.

VIP Guests
For businesses that have a VIP guest coming in and are looking to make a striking impression from the moment they step off the plane or celebrities or other high-status individuals coming in and you find yourself in need of a car that suits their position, looking to Exotic Car Rental Dallas will bring you options. Whether you’re looking to have a Bentley pick up and incoming client from the airport or to ensure that your celebrity guest has an amazing vehicle in which to experience Dallas, making the call to our offices is the first step in delivering the VIP treatment.

Day Service
If you have an upcoming event or special venue that you’re heading to and are looking to make your vehicle a large part of the memorability, turning to Exotic Car Rental Dallas will provide you with the choice in luxury car rental Dallas, TX has to offer. From sports car rental to luxury cars, we provide a full range of vehicles to choose from in order to take your day to the next level. With the best in high-class SUVs, Bentleys and more, you can hit the roads in style and ensure that no matter where you’re going, you make a lasting impression.

Gala Events
From black-tie affairs to art gallery openings, fancy dinners and otherwise, there is a number of different events that can call for having the perfect vehicle. Whether you plan on pulling up in a Lamborghini that perfectly matches your tux, or need a Ferrari that perfectly accents your handbag, making the choice to call into the offices of Exotic Car Rental Dallas will provide you with the information on the variety of vehicles that we have and allow us the capability to pick the perfect vehicle for you. Whatever the event coming up, you can depend on us to take it to the next level.

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